Stupid Flu!

It's now been a week since I've run. Last Saturday I ran, Sunday we went to Colorado Springs and when we got back I started feeling sick, and Monday I felt like death. Monday and Tuesday, when I had the fever, all I could do was lay in bed and try not to cry. Unfortunately I couldn't do anything.... I couldn't read or watch tv because moving my eyes hurt my head too much, and I couldn't fall asleep either. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I felt better in the mornings and was able to go downstairs for a while, then around noon I was wiped out and went back to bed. Today is Saturday, and I was good in the morning, then felt wiped out again and took a nap but after that I was able to get take Cookie on a nice walk around the neighborhood.

I'm going to walk every day until I feel like I can start trying to run again (maybe Monday or Tuesday?). This flu has been awful and I don't want to push it and try too much too soon, but I also don't want to lose momentum with my working out. I guess it's good that I'm on fall break so I can really get the rest I need, but it's been the most unproductive fall break ever. :(

Wimping Out

I know I grew up in ice rinks and all, but I just haven't been able to force myself to go run in the snow and cold. Crossfit on Tuesday killed me (5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats x 12) and I could hardly move my arms Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Today (Saturday) they're finally a lot better, but between the soreness and the cold I didn't run from Monday until today. I decided to run at the rec center for the first time today. I hate treadmills, but one of the rec centers in Parker has a nice track.

11 times around the track = 1 mile and I went around 36 times. After warming up, I ran for 35 minutes straight which is 5 minutes longer than I've ever run before. I have no idea how I did it... I suppose it was all mental, because physically I was hurting. 5 days between runs makes it so hard. I must have looked awful because a girl asked me if I was ok lol. One thing that did make it easier than running in my neighborhood is that it was flat.

Next run is Monday. I guess I need to stick with 35 minutes now that I know I can do it. :)

October Running

I "graduated" from c25k and now it's time to start working toward a new goal. I was going to start working on speed/distance but now I think I'll get a 10k app instead and work my way up to running 45 minutes, then work on speed and distance. I really have no desire to run for hours at a time, but I'd like to be able to run for 45 minutes and get to a good, faster pace.

Running in colder weather actually isn't too bad. When I'm running and sweating, the cool air feels good (better than when it's too hot out, anyway) and a nice hot shower feels fantastic afterward. However, there are two things I do not like at all:
1. the wind
2. (TMI WARNING) frozen nipples are painful


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