Turkey Day Running

There were a few different types of people out in my 'hood this morning that I saw when I was running. In case you're curious, I classified the people I saw into the following 4 groups.

1. The Hard Cores. They were in shorts and tank tops running about 6 times as fast as me.
2. The "getting away from the family" peeps. Coat, jeans, hat, coffee cup, and cigarettes. No running, but a lot of sitting and smoking.
3. Owners of crazy dogs that need lots and lots of exercise.
4. The "I feel guilty about what I'm going to eat tonight so I'm better go run now" group.

I was in group 4. I walked for 5 minutes then ran 37 and walked the last few. I'm still trying to get up to 40 or 45 minutes but am not quite there yet. I'm getting closer though!

3/7 Ain't Good

Meh, I only managed to work out 3 days last week. I ran Monday, did Crossfit Tuesday (100 jumping pull ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, 100 push ups), then my calves were killing me from the jumping pull ups and I didn't do anything until Saturday, when I went running (35 mins running plus warm up). Thanksgiving is going to throw me off a bit this week so the plan is running tonight, crossfit tuesday, run wednesday (if I can... crossfit is killing me lately), take Thursday off, run Friday or Saturday. 4 days this week, then get back to 5 next week. Clothes are fitting a lot better and overall I'm doing better with food, with a slip up here and there, though I've been fighting the same 3 pounds for the last 3 weeks. Let's do this!!!! Byebye, 3 pounds! Then 30 more. :)

Can still run! Yay!

I ran Saturday and today (Monday). I did the last week of C25K, which is 5 minutes warm up, 30 minutes run, 5 minutes cool down. I did have to take a few walk breaks, but they were really short and I ran most of the way. The last 15 minutes is so much easier than the first 15 minutes and I think I'll be back up to 35 minutes pretty soon.

I wanted to wait to share my weight loss until I reached 20 lbs, and I'm not quite there yet, but I've lost 17 and am pretty proud of that. Still have 33 left though, urg. I've maintained the 17 lb loss for a couple weeks now and am ready to get more of this annoying fat off my body. Awesome designer jeans that I haven't fit in for the last few years, here I come!

Tomorrow is crossfit and I really hope I'll be able to walk afterward. Last week sucked.

Getting Back On Track

Getting back on track is difficult and painful, but it's time. I haven't been sticking to the workout schedule for a few weeks. There were some busy times at work, the flu for a week, and then my dad passing away. Now I'm ready to start again. I did crossfit on Wednesday. It sucked, I felt like my muscles had completely abandoned me, and my legs and butt have been sore ever since. Today I'll go on a walk/run and include as much running as I can (maybe walking uphill and running flat and downhill, which works well because the uphill part is shorter so I don't end up walking all that much but it feels more manageable). Monday should be the next running day and Tuesday is crossfit. Everything is in place for me to get back on track and it's time to DO IT. I also got a pedometer. It's on my shoe now and so far the biggest challenge has been just to remember to wear the thing.

I had been doing really well with food, but the last couple days I've been horrible there as well. Looks like I'll be going to the grocery store today to stock up on healthy meals and snacks. Today is a new day for healthy living. :)

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