The Germ Factory Factor

The fact that I apparently work in a germ factory is killing my workouts! I'm so mad that I keep getting sick that I could scream. I still have a persistent cough but am feeling about 80% better, so yesterday I started running again. It was inside on a treadmill, which was a bit strange because I've never run on a treadmill before. Yesterday I ran 32 minutes, walked for 10, but I only ended up going 2.8 miles. Today I ran 30 minutes (barely... I thought I was going to die) and walked 10 and again only went 2.8 miles. Before this last round of sickness I was up to 40 minutes of running and I hope I can get back up there again quickly.

Running on the treadmill, where I can see distance, really showed me that I'm running waaaay too slow! I'm looking for a way to encourage myself to go faster by tracking my distance and time, and I'm thinking the Nike+ system might be the way to go. It looks like it would be similar to the pedometer I have from work but that ped is meant to track all your steps and I hate transferring the stupid (big) thing from my work shoes to my running shoes etc. Honestly I don't really care how many steps I take during the day... I'm more concerned with improving my running and want a system designed for that.

I would need a sportband and sensor, which would be $59. I wouldn't need the sportband if my iphone was compatible but it isn't. I'd really like an ipod nano, which would be easier for running because it's a whole lot smaller and lighter than the iphone and it comes with Nike+ so I wouldn't need the sportband. But that isn't really in the budget right now. I could get it with one of the gift cards from my class but I really want to save that for something else.

Here's the sportband. I really hate wearing anything on my wrists so I'm not sure if this is the way to go. Hmmm.OR an iPod Nano??


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