Week 2, Day 3

The time has come for me to invest a little more in my workouts, and I mean that literally. I needed some better running shoes and some good workout pants. I took a little trip to Lululemon at Park Meadows and found some great pants. Then I went to the Boulder Running Company for shoes. It was kind of fun... the guy would have me put on a pair of shoes, then go run on the treadmill and he'd show me how my foot was crooked, repeat until they found the right shoes. Finally he found a pair that was just the right combination of squishy and supportive, made my feet straight, and were very comfortable. Yay! He also tried to get me interested in a 5k in October. He said he thought I'd be ready to run it by then, and apparently there's a fun Halloween-themed 5k at Wash Park. We'll see. If today's run is any indication, I'll NEVER be able to run 5k!

Oh and BTW, my right foot is like some sort of superfoot and was perfect in every pair of shoes I tried. My left foot, however, has some, uh "special needs." Interesting. It also happens to be the foot that is hurt.

This afternoon, Cookie and I got to the park just as the rain let up. All the signs were saying that it was going to be a great run... Hardly another human or animal in sight, beautiful cool weather, the bugs were hiding, and I added some more music to my playlist. Sadly, everything went wrong.

The intervals seemed way too long, for one thing. I just felt like I was running and running and running, and I couldn't figure out why it was so bad. I got cramps in my shoulders and sides. My calves hurt. There weren't a ton of intervals, but I couldn't make it through the last one. I guess some running days are good and some, just, aren't. :(

I started thinking about where to go from here. Should I do 3.1 on Tuesday and see how it goes? But if I could barely make it through 2.3, how on earth would I make it through 3.1?? Maybe I should repeat 2.3?

I got to the car (right as it started raining again) and tried to figure out what to do. I looked at the 5K app on my phone so I could end 2.3. When I looked down, it said, "3.1 COMPLETED 7/25/09". Um. What?!!! I looked at 2.3. It said "READY"..... I looked at 2.2 and it had the date I completed it, as did 2.1. Yeppers, I totally skipped 2.3 and did 3.1 today. Shit.

I couldn't possibly be any blonder if my name was Elle Woods.


bpcain said...
July 26, 2009 at 7:52 AM

hahaha!! Well... think about it this way, when you do get to 3.1 you will be TOTALLY ready!! And I agree, you WILL be ready for a 5K. My first 4K I ran it in intervals, I didn't run the whole time. AND afterwards, you will feel SO good!!

Kirsten said...
July 26, 2009 at 8:02 AM

I'm going to do 3.2 on Tuesday and see how it goes. I think if I'm mentally prepared for 3 minute intervals I might be able to do it. I did make it through the first 3-minute and the 90 second ones yesterday, I just had trouble with the last 3 minutes. So instead of going back to do 2.3, I'll do an extra day of week 3. Hopefully it will go better! I can't even describe how pathetic I feel for struggling with running for 3 minutes. It's only THREE MINUTES! :(

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