Week 3, Day 2

Well it wasn't "easy" but I ran every second I was supposed to and survived! Yay! Now that it's over, I feel great. During the longer intervals I kept saying, "I can do anything for 3 minutes, I can do anything for 3 minutes" over and over, all Brenna-style. That helped. My awesome playlist helped too. The PERFECT running weather, of course, was awesome.

My legs are sore from yesterday's workout, but that didn't seem to bother me. It's still taking me a long time to warm up, and I got a stitch in my side and my neck again (though it got better after a little while). I dripped sweat into my eyeballs, even though the weather was great. But that's pretty much all I can say bad about it.

I'm working hard setting up my classroom.... will post pics and whatnot when I'm done.

Au Revoir,


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