Getting Back On Track

Getting back on track is difficult and painful, but it's time. I haven't been sticking to the workout schedule for a few weeks. There were some busy times at work, the flu for a week, and then my dad passing away. Now I'm ready to start again. I did crossfit on Wednesday. It sucked, I felt like my muscles had completely abandoned me, and my legs and butt have been sore ever since. Today I'll go on a walk/run and include as much running as I can (maybe walking uphill and running flat and downhill, which works well because the uphill part is shorter so I don't end up walking all that much but it feels more manageable). Monday should be the next running day and Tuesday is crossfit. Everything is in place for me to get back on track and it's time to DO IT. I also got a pedometer. It's on my shoe now and so far the biggest challenge has been just to remember to wear the thing.

I had been doing really well with food, but the last couple days I've been horrible there as well. Looks like I'll be going to the grocery store today to stock up on healthy meals and snacks. Today is a new day for healthy living. :)


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