Today's Workout

This is a good one to do at home with minimal equipment. All you need is a hand weight. I used 15 pounds. 15 felt fine but I should probably try 20 since my arms aren't sore (crap I hope Brenna isn't reading this). Really the problem continues to be my abs. They are so weak and it makes other exercises difficult. I really need to work on this issue. My chiropractor thinks it's contributing to my back issues as well. Maybe I'll do a plank challenge in July or something.

Today we did this thing that is called a half viking salute, though google is not bringing me any results for this exercise. I'll attempt to explain it.

Put the weight on the ground. Grab it with your right hand and bring it up over your head with your arm straight up. Leave it up there, and take your right leg and move your leg back into a lunge on your right knee. When you're on your knee, bring the weight down do your shoulder, then back up above your head. Then keep it above your head and stand up (I think this is the hardest part!). Once you are on both feet with the weight still above your head, put it back on the ground. That's 1 rep. Then do it with the other arm and the other leg.

The workout is 10 half viking salutes (alternating which side you use, so 5 on each side), then 50 sit ups. Then 10 half viking salutes and 40 sit ups. Then 10 and 30, then 10 and 20, and finally 10 and 10.

I also squeezed in 5k of running tonight. I was stuffed full of delicious lasagna and Yogurtland, which made it really hard (at first I was so full I had to walk) but it was a beautiful evening. Maybe someday I'll learn my lesson about overeating.

I also started tracking my food and exercise again. I'm using an app called livestrong, but if you don't have an iphone and the app, the website is free. The best thing is they have an amazingly complete selection of items so it's soooo easy to find how many calories are in just about anything. They even had nutritional information for about 20 flavors from Yogurtland! So far I would definitely recommend it. The only thing I would say is that the calories it gives you seems rather high so I'm trying to stay under their recommendations.


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