I Wanna Be A Loser

I want to be one of the biggest losers! The show starts next week and I plan on watching every episode to help motivate me. I feel like I'm getting the exercise thing under control. I ran Monday, did crossfit Tuesday, ran Wednesday, and did crossfit Thursday. My next run is either tonight or tomorrow night. I'm getting stronger all the time.

But I still need to LOSE. I'm so awful with food! I've had so much Starbucks over the past couple weeks I should buy stock in the company. I don't go there every day, but I went twice last week, once over the weekend, once this week, and then today a parent brought me a nonfat hazelnut latte. I'm also having issues with cooking since Jesse is working out of town for several weeks. I'll do well for a while then I fall off the wagon again. When the fridge was stocked with canteloup, peaches, and vegetables, I snacked on fruit and veggies and cooked. When the fridge is stocked with nothing but a million condiments, I eat out. Clearly I need to take a trip to the grocery store this weekend.

I think where I'm at now is...
Stage 1: Exercise. Check!
Stage 2: Eat right. FAIL.

It looks like it's time to tackle stage 2.


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