Workout Update

I've been a crossfit loser for the last couple weeks. Ugh, today is going to SUCK. I'm probably going to die. Fortunately I have been keeping up on running a bit better. I've been so busy I don't even remember when I have been running, but according to my 5k app, I did week 7 day 1 on Saturday and week 7 day 2 on Tuesday. Yesterday I sat on my butt, snuggled with my dog, and watched tv all evening (So You Think You Can Dance best-of show and Glee). Just keepin' it real. :)

Saturday was bad bad bad. I kept stopping and it sucked. My calves were killing me and got so stiff I could hardly run. I was thinking about it and realized that my calves have been sore for 7 weeks. I decided to take Erin's advice and get some Sportlegs supplements from Performance Bike. I took them an hour before my run on Tuesday and it definitely helped. I did have to stop once for a few seconds to stretch my calves out, but they were much better than other days and afterward was WAAAAY better! They're pricey at $26 a bottle, but I think it's worth it.

Another change I made this week was I started running in my neighborhood rather than the park. The advantage is that it's right outside my door. The park is only a couple minutes drive away but still it's nicer to just walk out the door. I hadn't attempted any runs in my hood because it's more hilly than the park, but it ended up being a good workout! The uphill parts really made me sweat and the downhill parts were a nice rest. It made the solid 25-minute run seem more like intervals, which I love. I seem to do a better job working out when it feels like working, break, work, break rather than work work work work work.

I'm back on track for crossfit today and running tomorrow. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to survive the crossfit but I'll try.


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