Turkey Day Running

There were a few different types of people out in my 'hood this morning that I saw when I was running. In case you're curious, I classified the people I saw into the following 4 groups.

1. The Hard Cores. They were in shorts and tank tops running about 6 times as fast as me.
2. The "getting away from the family" peeps. Coat, jeans, hat, coffee cup, and cigarettes. No running, but a lot of sitting and smoking.
3. Owners of crazy dogs that need lots and lots of exercise.
4. The "I feel guilty about what I'm going to eat tonight so I'm better go run now" group.

I was in group 4. I walked for 5 minutes then ran 37 and walked the last few. I'm still trying to get up to 40 or 45 minutes but am not quite there yet. I'm getting closer though!


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