Developing Habits

I think I had a good workout week last week and I seem to be getting into a good rhythm. Crossfit Tuesday and Thursday, running Monday, Saturday, and Sunday.

This week, so far, isn't going as well. Yesterday (Monday) I did nothing, and today I was supposed to do crossfit and really wanted to, but I ended up going to watch my students in the spelling bee instead. Tomorrow I'll go run at the gym, and my workout clothes are already in the car ready to go. Crossfit is Thursday, and I'll run Saturday and Sunday again. Not as good as last week, but not terrible.

The bad bad news is next week. Next week will be a DISASTER as far as workouts go. It's conference week, which means I have parent teacher conferences Monday and Wednesday until 5:30 and Tuesday and Thursday until 8! Obviously T and Th are out, I'll run Sat and Sun but I really need to go do something Wednesday after conferences. My #1 goal for next week will be to get my butt to the rec center Wednesday after my conferences. I just can't take the whole stinking week off.

My reading goal is going well too. I finished my 3rd book of the year and am about 2/3 of the way through #4. Here's a link to my 2010 reading list at Goodreads:


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