Workout FAIL, and Shopping in My Own Closet.

Workouts this week have been a big fat fail. I ran Saturday, and Sunday woke up feeling sick so I decided to rest. I've been sick a lot this year, and when I try to run anyway it's made it a whole lot worse, so I finally decided that all the people who told me not to run when I'm sick were right. We also had parent/teacher conferences all week, which means I've been getting home really late and haven't had any time to even think about exercise.

Food has been going better though and my clothes are fitting a lot better. I'm currently at the point where my "big" pants are too big but my "small" (non-stretchy) pants are a bit too tight but wearable. My favorite jeans are close to fitting but not quite there yet, and my second favorite jeans now fit and I've been wearing them a lot. I wore two of my favorite jackets this week that I haven't been able to wear in a few years. I LOVE shopping in my own closet!


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