The Best Running Pants EVER.

I guess I shouldn't really call them the best pants ever since I certainly haven't tried every pair of running pants that one could buy. In fact, I've never tried any compression tights ever, even though Erin told me to get them like 7 months ago (note to self: Listen to Erin!), so maybe they're all this wonderful. Anyway, I am in LOOOOOOOVE with Lululemon's Run Team Spirit Crop.

Yes, I am a chubby girl wearing, basically, tights, to the gym. In public. I don't care, they are divine! Fortunately, they're as flattering as a cropped tight could possibly be on a chubby girl. The compression is fantastic and keeps everything in place and the pants also stay perfectly in place. The luxtreme fabric is the best invention ever and wicks moisture beautifully, the pocket isn't huge but will hold your gym ID and car key, and the fit couldn't be better. The sales associate suggested I size down in these, which turned out to be perfect. They feel like a second skin, but a skin that holds your chub in place so you can run in complete comfort. I was hesitant about the ruching (ruching on a running pant??) but it's awesome and very figure flattering.

You can't really see much detail in this pic, unfortunately. You really need to try them on. Mine are black with a pink waistband, but I couldn't find a picture of them.

Here they are:
I felt so comfortable that I did 5 miles even though I hadn't run since Monday, and usually a Saturday run when I haven't run all week would suck big time. I possibly could have gone another mile, but my ankle was hurting (not sure what's up with that.... I'm icing it now).

They aren't cheap but I had a mall gift card. I will soon be using the rest of my mall gift card to buy a second pair.


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