Kirsten's (well, Brenna's) Workout of the Day

Thanks Brenna for a great workout! I was dripping sweat during this one. A good thing about it is that the only equipment it requires is a jump rope!

You do 100 jump ropes, then 20 lunges, 20 sit ups, and 20 push ups. Then you do 90 jump ropes, 18 lunges, 18 sit ups, 18 push ups. Continue with 80 and 16, 70 and 14, 60 and 12 etc until you get to 10 and 2. If it feels easy, then you are insane and should go faster. :)

I had a super crappy run yesterday and wasn't feeling well, but today I felt better so I was glad to get a good workout in. If I can move tomorrow after all those lunges, I'll try to get in a good run. I'm looking forward to breaking in my new running cropped pants/tights tomorrow and will review them after I see how they work out.

By the way, I had to ditch the Brooks. I just couldn't deal with the blisters and numb toes! I'm back in Saucony's Omni 8, which I love even if I may have to replace them more often because the support breaks down. Props to the Boulder Running Company though... I appreciate how easy they are to work with. They let me exchange the Brooks with no problem even though I had worn them several times. They said they donate returned used shoes and are currently sending them to Haiti. Here are the oh so comfortable Sauconys:


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