Running Update

Warning: this post contains much bragging and attention-whoring!

This year, I have gone on 20 runs (my stats say 21 but one was a nike+ glitch where I recorded me walking to the car lol), for a total of 16 hours and 129.19 Kilometers which is over 80 miles! I've run 80 miles in two months! I know that's not a lot for most runners but it's great for me!! Not too shabby for someone who literally couldn't run for 30 seconds this time last year and couldn't run a minute until last August.

I started focusing on my speed toward the end of December. I was "running" at 4.0mph (groan) in December and today I ran for 10 minutes at 4.8 then 30 minutes at 5.0. Still slow but getting better all the time. I'm still relying on 2 minute walk breaks and need to break that habit one of these days.

I was scared to death to join the Nestie Nike+ challenge because I hate getting last place and was sure I would. But I'm not, I'm currently in 9th place and am fighting for 8th. I'm thrilled to be in the top 10!!

I'm just going to keep going, try to keep improving at a steady pace, and work to get rid of those walk breaks. I'd love to be running 10k by June, and hopefully under 10 minutes a mile.

Here's the bar graph of my runs from Nike+:


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