This Week's Workouts

I had a good workout week! Good crossfit workouts T and Th, a good run Sunday, a great, long (still slow) 8.somethingK run Wednesday, and 6k Saturday. I got all 5 workouts in WOOHOO! Now it's Sunday and I suppose I need to make myself go to the rec center soon. Next weekend we have Friday and Monday off work so I'm looking forward to 4 good runs.

Here's Thursday's workout. It was properly butt kicking:
Basically you do 10 burpees, 1 situp, 10 jump squats, run 1 lap, then 9 burpees, 2 situps, 9 jump squats, 2 laps etc until you finish. It took us 35 minutes.

I'm still struggling with shoes though. My Saucony Omni 8s were completely worn out and had no Support, so I took a trip to the Boulder Running Company and they hooked me up with these Brooks:

They're more supportive than the Sauconys, less comfortable, and have given me one heck of a blister on the inside/bottom of my left foot. I'm thinking of going back to the Sauconys and just replacing them every 3 months when they start breaking down. However, that's $34 a month every month for shoes soooo I dunno. Maybe there's another pair of shoes for me out there. I think I'll take another visit to Boulder Running Co.

Annnnd semi-related to workouts, now that more clothes are fitting me, I got a great pair of Joe's Jeans for my birthday. They're being shortened now and I can't wait to wear them. They're this style (Honey fit) but mine might be a slightly darker color:


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