10K: Accomplished!


I ran 10K on Friday!!!!!!! YAY! I did take a couple very short breaks... one to turn the channel on the tv at the rec center, and the other because I accidentally pushed the "stop" button on the treadmill, but not my usual 2 minute breaks. Yes it took me 6 months total to get from 5k to 10k, but a lot of that time I was out with illness and whatnot. I really started working toward it at the end of December so I'd say it took 2 1/2 months of actively working toward it to get there.

I took Saturday off, and did 7k outside on Sunday. The wind was a bit cold and uncomfortable, and the hills are a change from being on the treadmill. I took quite a few breaks to walk up hills. Hills aside, I love running outside with Cookie! I need to go to a real trail or park though because running trails in my neighborhood are rather limited. I end up running around a condo complex a few times then running around the park in my neighborhood a few times which is rather boring.


Since this is turning into a Lululemon gushing blog, I'm going to start having two sections: one for workout updates and one for workout gear reviews. Here's what I've tried in the last couple weeks:Satin Pirouette Headband: Unfortunately, this was a big FAIL. My head is weirdly shaped or something, and headbands don't stay on. I heard that this one might, but I left the tag on just in case. It didn't work, so it's going back. It was very expensive too at $14. I did like the tight fit (it stretched some but not too much) and that it was adjustable. If you don't have a weird head shape like I do, you would probably love it.... but still, $14 is a lot for a headband.

I Just Wanna Run Tech SL Tank: LOVE!!!! Finally someone has made a very lightweight, moisture-wicking running tank for girls who don't want to wear a tight-fitting top. In general I think running gear is made for ladies who are in great shape, which makes sense, but I have chub in the tummy area and am not a fan of tight tanks. Now that the weather is warming up, I really needed a lightweight tank for outside runs. This tank is ridiculously flattering (thank you, ruching!). I ordered it online in lagoon, but then I got an email saying my order was canceled because they were sold out. I called the store and fortunately they had it. I loved it so much that I called back and had them put some in other colors on hold for me, and I plan on getting one more. I got it in a size 12, which is perfect. It is very long when pulled down (like a short tennis dress), but I cinched the drawstring a bit and pulled it up a bit and it was perfect. If you're much shorter than me (5'4 or 5'5) it might not work. I'd get it in every color if I could but it is not cheap.

Champion C9 moisture-wicking tech tank from Target: I keep hearing people say they like the C9 workout clothes from Target, so I thought this would be great for under $10. Unfortunately, I hate it. I wish I hadn't taken the tags off. It's SO unflattering. The cut is awful, it's too short, and it just clings very badly. I wish I liked it because the price is great, but I am not a fan. I'd rather have one I Just Wanna Run tank than 6 of these.

I also got some moisture-wicking socks from Costco, which I'll review after I wear them this week.


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