What's worse than 90 lunges?

90 lunges while holding two 15 pound weights, that's what.

Today's workout was a good one! It's another one you can do at home, and all you need is a set of hand-held weights.

10 lunges with hand weights
10 shoulder presses with hand weights
10 good mornings

Repeat those exercises 5 times.
Run 5 laps.
Then repeat the exercises 3 times
Run 3 laps.
Then do the exercises 1 time
Run 1 lap.

FYI, the 15 lb weights were hard, but it seemed like the right weight. If you're just starting out, I'd probably try 5 pound weights. If you don't have room for the running, you could do burpees (21 instead of 5 laps, 15 instead of 3 laps, and 9 instead of 1 lap). I think any cardio would work though, like jump rope.


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