Day 2 of Fatten Up Your Teacher Week

It was Chick Fil A day, and damn were those nuggets good. I must say they were worth it.

Breakfast: Tortilla: 90 cal, Cheese (I bought the 2% grated kind): 40 cal at most, egg: 78 calories, salsa: maybe 15 calories, ground bison meat: 50. A tablespoon or so of fat free beans: 25 calories. Total: 298. This is the best breakfast ever.

Lunch: 8 Chick Fil A nuggets: 260 (and I could have EASILY eaten 10 more but I didn't), Veggies: 25, Dip: 60, Strawberries: 53, Brownie: I don't know exactly, but most of the recipes I'm seeing say about 130 per brownie and I had 2 small ones, so 260? Total: 658. Seriously??? O.M.G.

Snack: 1/4 of a small cupcake. Yes I cut it into fourths and ate a fourth of it. Pathetic. I should have just walked away. I have no idea how many calories 1/4 of a small cupcake is. 70?

Dinner: bun: 80, turkey meat w/seasoning: Probably 2 servings, 140, Veggies: 25, Dip, 40, Skinny Cow: 50 Total: 335

Total: 1361, which is a wholllllle lot less than I expected. Thankfully!!!

Workout: It was kind of weird, but fun. We had one minute rounds. The first round was 1 box jump or step up (I'm still too scared to do box jumps), then 1 squat, and they had to be good squats with your butt at a 90 degree angle to the ground. Then we got to hang out and talk the rest of that minute (my favorite part!!!). The second round was 2 step ups and 2 squats, the next round was 3 and 3, etc. Easy peasy, until about round 12. I think we got in 15 rounds. That was the point where none of us could get in all the reps during that minute, so that meant we were done. I'm feeling it a little but not bad so hopefully I'll be able to get in a good run tomorrow.


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