Wednesday Weigh In

I lost a pound. A downright miracle considering Teacher Appreciation Week last week and lack of exercise since Sunday.

Today I had strawberries and Yoplait Greek yogurt (SO not as good as Voskos) for breakfast (160). Here's a pic of the Voskos yogurt I wish I had instead and will be eating tomorrow (but I still have one more Yoplait to choke down). I get the one on the left, Honey Vanilla Bean.

Subway turkey sandwich with loads of veggies (280) and baked lays (120) for lunch.

I was really hungry when I got home and ate WAY too much! Pasta (2 cups, 440), sauce (40), cheese (100), and bread (300 calories, which I am so embarrassed to admit, cause what kind of psycho eats pasta AND hundreds of calories in bread and then expects to lose weight???). Dessert: skinny cow (140).

I'm scared to add that all up.

Total: 1580. Ok on calories. Not enough protein. Zero vegetables with dinner. I should have had a protein-y snack, which would have helped with the overeating at dinner. I finally bought groceries so I should be able to do well tomorrow.

My weather app says that Sunday will be the best day for a long outside run, so I'll do crossfit tomorrow and will try to get to the gym to do a shorter run Friday or Saturday.

Speaking of the gym, I only have one more visit left to the rec center and then I must make a decision about which gym to join. I'm going to go visit Lifetime Fitness this weekend, though I think it might be too expensive. I need to visit the new 24 hour super sport near work and see what their best price is. And if that all fails, there's a smaller, still nice 24 hour halfway between work and home on Lincoln which may be my best bet.


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