Our for Lunch

Breakfast: Toast (100), Strawberries (50), Greek Yogurt (120)

Lunch: As a teacher appreciation gift, our admin gave us the gift of time off to go out for lunch with our team! We went to California Pizza Kitchen. It was fab. BBQ Chopped Chicken Salad (697. Yikes.) and bread (Ummm. 200?)

Dinner: Edamame (100) and 1/2 of the chicken, veggies, Szechuan garlic sauce, and rice. After a google search, my best guess on calories after a Fire Bowl google search is 60 for the sauce (whole serving is 120), veggies: 25, chicken: 65, 1/2 cup rice: 120.

Dessert: Skinny Cow pudding pop thing: 50

Total: 1587. Yeah I ate out for 2 meals, but calorie-wise it was pretty decent. Fat wasn't terrible either. I know I was short on protein.

Exercise: Nothing, just resting after yesterday's 13k run. Crossfit tomorrow, short run Wednesday (on a stupid treadmill since it's going to SNOW again!!)


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