The Nike+ challenge that I've been participating in ends today. I got 8th out of 24 participants. WOOT! The challenge was from 1/5/10-4/5/10 and even though I was out sick for about a week each month, I ran 224.75 kilometers in that time, which is almost 140 miles. Seriously? Is this ME we're talking about???? Cause I can't run and it is IMPOSSIBLE that I can run 140 miles in 3 months. Yet, there I am, CookieLover, #8.

I'm feeling extremely guilty because I'm taking a second day in a row, off but I am completely exhausted from our first day back after spring break. I'm seriously considering going to go to bed now, and it's only 6:18. I'll hop back on the wagon tomorrow. For now I'm just happy about EIGHTH PLACE!


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