Off the wagon. Big time.

Well, first the positives. I did attempt to stay active on our trip to Minneapolis and we had a wonderful time! I went for a short (5k) run on the treadmill at the hotel Friday morning. We went on a 2-hour bike ride on the Pedal Pub Saturday afternoon, which was a BLAST and actually ended up being harder than we all expected (the thing is HEAVY so going uphill was a challenge). Sunday we walked all around downtown, and I'm thinking it was about 2-3 miles. I did something, even if it's less than usual.

Bad part.... um, I kind of ate a lot. At times I made some attempts to be "good" but other times I wasn't so successful. There was the Izzy's ice cream, which, to be fair, was totally worth it. There was also the cheeseburger-and-nutella-shake incident and yeah that was also fantastic and I shared the shake soooo that's not too bad right? Right? I'll stop there because I am all out of excuses already.

Overall, I think I gained almost a pound. BAD. And overall for the last couple months, I've been remaining stagnant at the 20 pound loss since August. I'm in something like 27th place in the current Nestie Nike+ running competition, which is a FAR cry from the 8th place I ended up placing when the first contest ended a couple weeks ago. I'm sick again so I took another day off workouts, and I can't pretend like the colds are unrelated to eating crappy food. It's time to get the ball (of fat) rolling (off my body), and no matter how much I exercise I know it isn't going to happen unless I get serious about food.

I have decided to blog about food. Every day. I have got to be accountable to someone or something. I was able to lose weight well on weight watchers because of the accountability, but I don't want to have to go to weight watchers meetings my entire life, or ever really, cause they suck. I'll blog about my food and exercise here, and weigh in once a week and report any losses or gains (and NO I am not posting my weight! HA!). Let's make Wednesdays the day. I went to the store today and stocked up so there are no excuses. This starts tomorrow.

In the words of Brenna... LET'S DO THIS!


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