Beef with Broccoli = Full, Upset Tummy :(

Breakfast: Bagel thin (110 calories), egg (78 calories), cheese (100 calories)

Snack: Freeze dried apples (38 calories)
Lunch: lunch meat (70 calories), 1 cup berries (53 calories), 2 cups veggies (about 60 calories), 4 tablespoons dip (80 calories), cookie (Not sure... 200?)
Dinner: Beef with broccoli and carrots (5.4 oz at Panda Express is 150 calories, and I probably had 2 servings that size, though it was from Mark Pi's not PE so I'm not sure, but it's probably very similar so let's say 300), rice (205 in a cup), and a veggie egg roll that I am regretting (200, again from Panda Express, but it was probably similar)

I feel stuffed. :(

Exercise: ran 5k, took no walking breaks, and really tried to go fast (for me, which is like a leisurely stroll compared to most runners). Nike+ says I burned 460 calories. I'm just happy that I went at all. I had to miss crossfit because of tutoring after school so I made myself drive to the rec center.

Total calories in.... which I'm rather scared to add up.... about 1494. Maybe a bit more if I was off on the cookie or the beef with broccoli. Fortunately it's not as horrible as I thought it would be.

I'll have to thaw something out for dinner tomorrow so I don't do the whole "I have nothing to cook so we have to eat out!" thing again.

On a different note, my back and neck are killing me. I'm wondering if I should go to the chiropractor or get a massage. Chiropractor is probably what I really need. I think I'll call tomorrow and see if I can get in early next week. Anyone know any home-visit chiropractors who would come visit me right now?? I got soooo spoiled growing up with a chiropractor dad!


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