Double Dessert Wednesday

Breakfast: Bagel thin w/cc (170 calories)
Snack: Fruit snack thing, just fruit, no sugar (50 calories)
Lunch: Yogurt (100 calories), berries (53 calories), veggies (25 calories), dip (100 calories), pudding (60 calories) (EDIT: I checked the dip this morning, and it was 80 calories so I was a little off there)
Dinner: Ground meat extra lean (130 calories), mini buns (2 @ 90 calories), cheese (100 calories), veggies (25 calories), dip (60 calories)
Dessert: Skinny Cow Mini Pudding Bar (50 calories)
EDIT: Snack of 8 shrimp and a little cocktail sauce. I think around 110 calories.

Total: 1,133 calories.

Overall it went pretty well. I enjoyed all the fresh fruits and veggies! The only bad part was that I was starving at 10:17, so tomorrow I'll add an egg and a little cheese to breakfast. And I suppose dessert with lunch and dinner isn't so ideal. On workout days, I'll need an afternoon snack and more for dinner.

So far, so good! I know the calories for today were a bit low but I wasn't hungry other than the 10:17 thing. From the basal metabolic rate things I've checked out, it seems that more of a 1500-1700 calorie range would be right for me.


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