What a strange day!

It's been a weird day! It was raining most of the night and was still raining when I got to work. At work, the Internet was out, which is unusual. Then the lights were flickering, and we got a leak in the classroom and water was dripping in and soaking the carpet. The rain turned to snow and it got really bad out, so they decided to have an early release because of the weather. That means all the kids needed to call home. Of course, the phone in the classroom wouldn't work, so we had to use my cell phone. Then half the kids didn't know their phone numbers! No biggie, I can look that up online.... except that the Internet was STILL broken in my wing AND the connection I can usually "borrow" from was also out! In the end, the kids got home, and so did I. And I assigned homework for everyone to memorize one of their parent's cell phone numbers over the weekend.

It's now almost 3:00 and it has stopped snowing! I must be feeling better because for the first time all week I cleaned the kitchen, unpacked my suitcase, and straightened up a bit in the living room. Unless we get a huuuge pile of snow tonight, I'm going to attempt a workout tomorrow. It's been a week since I've done any sort of exercise. It'll be awful. I'm down to like 30th in the Nike+ contest and it'll be a miracle if I get past mile 1 tomorrow. I feel like a big fat failure/loser.

Anyway, at least I managed to not avoid the Food-A-Thon that happens every Friday morning in the teacher's lounge.

Breakfast: Bagel thin (110 calories), egg (78 calories), cheese (100 calories). I love this breakfast! It's yummy and keeps me full for a long time.
Snack: Freeze dried pears (39 calories)
Lunch: Shrimp w/cocktail sauce (4 ounces of shrimp is 80 calories and 1 T of cocktail sauce is 15, so 95 total, but I didn't eat them all so I'm kind of guessing here), 2 cups veggies (about 60 calories?), 3 tablespoons dip (60 calories), 1 cup berries (53 calories), jello pudding (60 calories)
Total so far: 655

Dinner: Will update later. We're having turkey tacos with homemade guac. Yummm! EDIT: I decided not to count calories from dinner. I cooked lean ground turkey with organic seasoning (and also drained off any fat), made fresh guacamole with avocados, salsa, and garlic, which might have a lot of calories and fat but it's good fat, some light sour cream and cheddar cheese, and taco shells, which are 50 calories each which isn't bad. It was GOOD and I don't feel "icky" like I do after eating unhealthy stuff. It will annoy me half to death if I have to count every one of those calories. :)


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