Not too bad.

I am most definitely NOT going to post every calorie I eat every day, but I think I will for a while just to help myself stay on track and to help me remember what a healthy meal looks like, what measured portion sizes look like, etc.

Breakfast: Bagel thin (110 calories), egg (78 calories), cheese (100 calories), small banana (90). More than yesterday and I stayed full a lot longer.
Snack: Freeze dried pears (39 calories)
Lunch: 1 cup berries (53 calories), cottage cheese (90 calories), 2 cups veggies (about 60 calories), 4 tablespoons dip (80 calories), jello pudding cup (60 calories). I caved and bought a coke zero to go with it. It looked so good I took a picture:

It looks like a ton of dip in there but I did measure out 4 tablespoons, though I suppose that is a lot.

Dinner was basically left over from yesterday: Lean ground meat (130 calories), mini buns (180 calories), cheese (about 100 calories, I think I may have been off on that yesterday), organic oven tater tots (220 calories).
Dessert: Weight Watchers ice cream brownie thing, 200 calories

Total: 1590. I think that feels about right, though I am really full! I didn't exercise at all today. I'm still sick, still coughing, and workout was canceled anyway. I'm hoping I'll be back in the swing of things on Saturday.


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